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Our Programme


Our programme is designed to focus on every aspect of the child’s development and to encourage the growth of positive attitudes.  We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities which build on and extend children’s knowledge, interests and skills while developing their self esteem and confidence in their ability to learn.  These opportunities allow the children to engage in a variety of self initiated activities as well as those planned by the teachers. 

We follow a topic based program which is organised into the following six areas of learning: 


  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Communication, language and literacy​

  • Mathematical development

  • Knowledge and understanding of the world


  • Physical development

  • Creative development


Using topics as a base, teachers plan activities within the six learning areas according to age-appropriate learning objectives and developmental expectations.  Plans are flexible, in keeping with the understanding that children learn in different ways and at different rates and that each child is an individual.  Play is a crucial part of any Early Learning curriculum and well-planned play is a key way in which children are challenged and learn with enjoyment. 

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