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Dear Parent, 

We are an international preschool situated on a hill along the European side of the Bosphorus. Since first opening our doors in 1996, we have created a warm and supportive school environment for our children and their families. A home away from home, our school nurtures and educates children to provide them with a positive start to their school life.

Our educational programme is carefully designed for the child’s developmental level. Age appropriate learning materials enhance our diverse curriculum. Creativity, exploration, curiosity and skills mastery are promoted at every stage. An integral part of our programme focuses on the child’s physical growth. Our gymnastics, movement, music and dance activities support physical development while our nutritionally balanced menu encourages healthy eating habits.

No child’s development would be complete without gaining a strong sense of community. We emphasise and value sharing, cooperation and tolerance. Teachers use a positive approach when working with the children, reinforcing pro-social behaviours. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. In this multi-cultural environment the children learn to appreciate each other’s differences and to work together.

We recognise that, no early learning centre, no matter what approach is used, can be successful without a loving and caring environment.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Colette Laffan Perşembe

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