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Our Philosophy


We believe:

  • That every child has a unique potential for learning and personal growth which must be supported and nurtured by the school

  • That the school should provide a child-focused and challenging learning environment in order to foster that growth

  • That the school should offer a balanced programme to support children's emotional, social, cognitive, creative and physical development

  • That the school environment should provide safe opportunities for creative exploration of the world around us

  • That the school recognises the learning partnership between home and school 

  • That the school programmes should develop children's individuality and promote a joy for learning

  • That the school recognises and actively promotes the practice of those shared living  values such as cooperation, respect and honesty which nourish the growth of social responsibility and global awareness


Our Vision:

Our vision for the school is for it to continually be the place where learning is truly challenging and enjoyable. “When learning is enjoyed, success is sure to follow.”

We aim to  provide stimulating learning opportunities in a happy, caring and supportive environment with emphasis given to the individual needs of each student. We seek to understand and value the cultures of all our children to create a harmonious  community  based  on fairness and respect for others.


Our Policies

A full copy of the preschool handbook is available 
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